Quality Control Labels

The Secret of Quality Control Labels

Label Express and quality control labels have a history of 15 years in the provision of nondestructive testing , inspection heat treatment and specialized engineering services to the industrial market. Label Express and QAL are a team of highly qualified inspectors, technicians and engineers utilizing state-of-the-art equipment supported by an experienced and skilled management team.

This professional approach, combined with a reputation for integrity, technical accuracy and a total commitment to the industries we serve, delivers the highest standard of service available to our customers.

Label Express has evolved by offering specialized nondestructive testing services to industry and, over time, maintained and enriched these services with the addition of Label Express Engineering and Label Express Heat Treatment. Our philosophy and commitment to being on the leading edge of today technology is enhanced by affiliation with a nationwide group of associated to offer the most advanced technology and wide range of technical services to meet the challenges of the industrial climate of today and into the future.


Consulting with project engineers during new construction, our expertise in writing, developing and implementing technical procedures and specifications for fabrication, welding, nondestructive testing and heat treatment, contributes to the overall success of the project. Through Project Quality Assurance Programs and management techniques, critical activities including vendor qualification, product procurement, source surveillance and site work are monitored and expedited. Our on-site construction inspection services ensure a project that will meet jurisdictional requirements and our customer’s quality objectives.

Our in-service maintenance and certification programs monitor component quality control labels and contribute to fitness-for-service evaluations using computerized life expectancy and statistical trend analysis. These programs provide the tools to evaluate and predict equipment condition, resulting in maximized performance and longevity. Our participation in preventative maintenance programs; management and implementation of inspection and maintenance shutdowns; and our clear concise reports presented in Techni-VIEW format give purpose and direction to all maintenance activities.

Screenshot_3A Quality Assurance Job Description is a worker is responsible for making sure a product meets the customer’s standard of quality. The job may take many forms based on the particular industry. Environmental factors are also determined by the job industry as well as the official title of the job. Quality Assurance positions carry many titles and responsibilities. Titles include technicians, analyst, specialist, samplers, inspectors, managers, engineers, testers, sorters, consultants and coordinators. Quality Assurance positions may require intervals of standing, bending and/or lifting. The precise description of a quality assurance job depends on the type of industry that the individual is working in. Jobs in quality assurance are available in such varied industries as the manufacturing, food, electronic, technical, food, clothing, glass and steel industries. Individual quality assurance personnel can hold jobs where they are responsible for inspecting, testing, sorting, sampling and weighing.

Quality Control Labels positions may require basic computer literacy. Management positions may also require experience with Microsoft Office. A Software Quality Assurance position will usually require familiarity with the software being tested.

The number of industries and job titles that quality assurance employees hold is so varied because these are the people who are directly responsible for making sure that the products you are going to purchase are safe and well-made. Some inspectors may be responsible for checking for cuts or missing pieces. Others may check products to insure that the product has the correct colors and dimensions. Additionally, the amount of time and effort for each job differs. Some industries require a prolonged process that includes repeated testing, while other quality assurance personnel only have to give their products a swift visual inspection.